Another field of application for the TSM: Mexico

With CNH de México another partner in Latin America could be won for the Topsoil Mapper / SoilXplorer. The Topsoil Mapper / SoilXplorer was presented at the Institut “Campo Agropecuario Experimental Gonzalo Río Arronte” to dealers and slected customers in the state of Querétaro at the end of September. First experiences were gained in handling…

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Topsoil Mapper goes to South America

In June of 2019, Geoprospectors entered the South American market for precision farming with the Topsoil Mapper.
The products are now distributed by Geosistemas SRL, an Argentine company specialized in products and solutions for positioning and geospatial mapping. Among other things, Geosistemas has focused on precision farming, where they have been selling a portfolio of well-known products for many years.

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Exclusive EMEA partnership with CNH Industrial

In December 2018 Case New Holland Industrial launched AGXTEND. AGXTENDs vision it to become the leading platform for innovative technologies in the agricultural sector. It combines and provides groundbreaking technologies that allow farmers to extend their efficiency and thereby their economic success.
Currently AGXTEND markets five different technologies. Geoprospectors is proud to be part of this exclusive portfolio with its soil sensor SoilXplorer.

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Team Unternehmen Growers

Soil mapping with the TSM

Successful Soil mapping with the TSM in a variety of regions, climates, and terrains. Focus: Soil mapping in the USA. Growers is a precision agriculture and data analytics company headquartered near Raleigh-Durham, NC, USA. The company was started in 2011 by agronomist Steven Valencsin and has grown to serve top-tier farm customers across 12 US states…

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