CNH Industrial distributes the Topsoil Mapper in EMEA region under their brand SoilXplorer


SoilXplorerIn December 2018 Case New Holland Industrial launched AGXTEND. AGXTENDs vision is to become the leading platform for innovative technologies in the agricultural sector. It combines and provides groundbreaking technologies that allow farmers to extend their efficiency and thereby their economic success.

Currently AGXTEND markets five different technologies. Geoprospectors is proud to be part of this exclusive portfolio with its soil sensor SoilXplorer.

In the upcoming months CNHi will demonstrate how AGXTEND technologies can be combined and integrated to provide customers a significant combined return on investment.

SoilXplorer wins Gold Medal at AGROTECH international fair

A first success was achieved for the SoilXplorer at the 25th AGROTECH International Agricultural Technology Fair in Poland. There, the SoilXplorer was awarded a gold medal in the contest co-organized by the Institute of Technology and Life Sciences, Warsaw branch.

The recognition of the AgXtend SoilXplorer was based on the following product characteristics: Functional properties, performance parameters, ergonomics and safety, efficiency of use and energy consumption, quality and design aesthetics, environmental impacts.


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