Take the right measures against soil compaction!

With its innovative Topsoil Mapper and its unique contact-free sensor technology, Geoprospectors offers a practical solution for reliable detection of soil compaction. The sensor not only enables a digital presentation of compacted areas, but also the initiation of the correct tillage measures.

TSM Frontalansicht



The Topsoil Mapper is an integrated geophysical measurement system for determining different soil parameters. Using modern geophysical measurement technology and automated data analysis methods, the top layers of the rootable soil are measured accurately and with high resolution. To this end, the TSM relies on the principle of electromagnetic induction for conductivity measurement in the soil. The depth of exploration is one meter (3.5 feet).

The modules of the system

The innovative concept consists of the Topsoil Mapper (sensor component) and the TSM Client Cloud (web-based solution for data processing and documentation). For the control of hydraulic cultivators, there is also the retrofit KIT Automatic Tillage Control.

Easy to use and simple to control

The system is designed to require a minimum of interaction between the user and the terminal, making it ready for immediate use.

The result of the application

The collected data will be used to map soil parameters.

Topsoil Mapper Kartierung


The Topsoil Mapper can be mounted on any vehicle. Conductivity measurements are taken automatically during each pass of the field. The measured data is collected in the form of soil parameters, that provide information about compaction, soil type and water saturation.

The result is an easy-to-read soil map with relevant soil parameters.

Topsoil Mapper Steuerung


As an alternative to mapping, soil information can also be used in real time for variable and direct machine control (tilling, sowing). Two processes (application and mapping) are thus combined in one step.

Your advantage is more knowledge about the soil and its characteristics!

Increase of work rate

Sparing of technology

Fuel cost savings

Sustainable yield optimization

The data generated are the basis for site-specific cultivation

Early identification of soil compaction brings significant benefits.

The TSM measurements help to define and record soil parameters (compaction, water saturation and soil type) and the TSM software combines them in meaningful soil maps. Communication with the tractor and implement via ISOBUS is also possible to process site-specific or variable tillage in real time. With the help of a GPS sensor, all information on soil and soil treatments can be geo-referenced and used in digital farm management solutions.

The Topsoil Mapper works without soil contact and autonomously on every tractor

With its unique contact-free sensor technology, the Topsoil Mapper can be mounted in the front hydraulics of any tractor and combined with a wide range of work equipment. The system is also independent of weather and plant coverage. The easy connection to the existing ISOBUS system with the TSM ISOconnect functionality ensures quick and easy setup and application.

What are the advantages of the Topsoil Mapper for you in your everyday work?

The main advantages are the optimization of the use of equipment, a higher working speed in soil tillage, reduced fuel consumption and reduced machine wear. With this technology, you realize an increase in work rate of up to 25 %!

And you protect the sensitive soil structure through appropriate tilling.