User Stories

Read here what our customers say about the Topsoil Mapper.

Fertilizer optimisation
Timac Agro, Serbia

Soil compaction analysis
Cropman, Brazil

Soil mapping with the TSM
Growers, USA

Soil mapping and autonomous analysis with TSM and TSDA
Davide Misturini, Italy

Fertilizer management and the potential of real-time soil maps
Helge Beckurs, Germany

Soil mapping with the Topsoil Mapper in practice
Farmblick, Germany

Variable tillage in real time
Family Koch, Germany

Use of the TSM Basic (only available in german)
Oliver Martin, Germany

The TSM Pro in use (only available in german)
Tietje Schlattermund, Germany

Graham Potter, Farmer in Yorkshire, United Kingdom


Learn more about the technical background of the Topsoil Mappers.


On request we will be happy to send you the following whitepapers:

  1. General functional layout
  2. Soil information
  3. System components
  4. General remarks
  5. Operation of the Topsoil Mapper system
  6. Profitability arguments for Variable Depth Tillage (VDT)
  7. Implement control
  8. Soil mapping with the TSM
  9. Comparison of different soil sampling methods
  10. How to use ECa data for viticulture


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