We are experts!

Geoprospectors are leading suppliers of ground sensor technology in the field of precision farming and subsurface engineering. For our innovative solutions, we use various geophysical technologies to collect valuable measurement data on the different resources in the soil.

Creating innovation by combining geophysics, agricultural engineering, measurement and electrical engineering

We are specialists in geophysics, agricultural engineering, measurement and electrical engineering. Together, we develop robust and motorized measurement systems that serve to more accurately detect and evaluate different soil structures. Our systems are designed specifically for the respective application. We make sure that the data is available in real time and in a user-friendly manner. All data collection and analysis is fully autonomous.

Customer service is part of our corporate culture

We are pleased to answer any questions you may have about the installation, application or ongoing operation of our systems. We offer an on-site installation with technical training, ongoing software updates, regular support and maintenance and also a prompt repair service. Our experts are pleased to assist you and advise you individually for successful soil Management.